Tulsa Judo Club

Student Tuition and Other Costs

USA Judo Membership

All students must be a member of USA Judo. This provides liability insurance for the student and the club, and membership in the governing body for Judo in the United States.. To join, go to the USA Judo Registration Page and complete the new member registration form.

Tuition Paid to Tulsa Judo Club

Individual student
Up to black belt $60/month
Families Senior Fees Junior Fees
1st Family member $60/month $55/month
2nd Family member $50/month $45/month
3rd Family member $40/month $35/month
4th + Family member No charge No charge
T-Shirts $20 each $15 each
Certified Black Belts
Shodan $45/month
Nidan $40/month
Sandan $35/month

Tuition can be paid by check each month or set up as an automatic donation by credit card or PayPal subscription.

Uniforms and Equipment

  • No uniform or equipment is required for the beginners class.
  • Uniforms can be purchased at a discount through the club.
  • No other equipment is needed.